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Reading the information that is Not in the paragraph

Reading the information that is Not in the paragraph
Reference : ALC Book 7 Lesson 4 page 93
The Lesson for Monday, 13 April 2020.

Dear All my students

Please read the reading below then translate them.
Next record your voice and put it your recording in your blog, if it is possible.
You may send your recording to my Whats App.

Please Read and Select information that is NOT in the paragraph :

Reading 1 : 

My Family always eats three meals a day. These meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, we usually have toast, eggs, and juice or milk. For lunch, we have a salad, meat, a drink, and sometimes a dessert. Dinner is bigger. For dinner we sometimes have meat, potatoes, and two vegetables. Sometimes we get hungry before it's time to go bed. Then we eat a light snack.

1. a. We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    b. We eat three meals a day.
    c. We always eat dessert after dinner (the answer)
    d. Sometimes we eat a snack at night.

 Reading 2 :

Mary bought a plane ticket to London. She bought it six months a go. She will fly to London on Monday. Then she will take a train from London to Paris. She will meet two friends there. After one or two days in Paris, they will all take a train to Spain. They will go sightseeing together. This is Mary's first trip to Europe.

2. a. Mary will meet  friends  in Paris
    b. Mary travels to Europe a lot. (the answer)
    c. Mary will fly to London.
    d. Mary bought a ticket six months ago.

Reading 3 :

Tom was very upset. He got a bad score on his math test. He is a good student, and he usually makes good grades. His teacher taught the class some new math, and Tom didn't understand some of the problems. The teacher will explain Tom's mistake to him after class. He will take a second math test on Friday. He wants a good score.

3. a. Tom made a bad score on the math test.
    b. The teacher will explain his mistakes.
    c. Tom was very upset.
    d. Tom didn't study before the test. (the answer)

Reading 4 :

Tom read a book in the living room armchair last night an fell asleep after an hour. His son, Billy, watched TV on the carpet at the same time, but he didn't fall asleep. When the movie finished, Billy woke up his father. They both had a snack from the refrigerator and went to bed.

4. a. Tom fell asleep on the sofa. (the answer)
    b. Tom and Billy had a snack together.
    c. Tom read a book last night.
    d.  Billy watched a television movie.

Nani Kusmiyati, S,Pd., M.M., CTMP


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